beecrowd | 1020

Age in Days

Adapted by Neilor Tonin, URI Brazil

Timelimit: 1

Read an integer value corresponding to a person's age (in days) and print it in years, months and days, followed by its respective message “ano(s)”, “mes(es)”, “dia(s)”.

Note: only to facilitate the calculation, consider the whole year with 365 days and 30 days every month. In the cases of test there will never be a situation that allows 12 months and some days, like 360, 363 or 364. This is just an exercise for the purpose of testing simple mathematical reasoning.


The input file contains 1 integer value.


Print the output, like the following example.

Input Sample Output Sample


1 ano(s)
1 mes(es)
5 dia(s)


2 ano(s)
2 mes(es)
10 dia(s)


0 ano(s)
1 mes(es)
0 dia(s)