beecrowd | 1069

Diamonds and Sand

By Neilor Tonin, URI Brazil

Timelimit: 1

John is working in a diamond mine, trying to extract the highest number of diamond "<>". He must exclude all sand particles found "." in this process and after a diamond can be extracted, new diamonds can be formed. If he has as an input. <... << .. >> ....> .... >>>. three diamonds are formed. The first is taken from <..> resulting. <... <> ....> .... >>>. The second diamond is then removed, leaving. <.......> .... >>>. The third diamond is then removed, leaving at the end ..... >>>. without the possibility of extracting new diamonds.


Read an integer N that is the number of test cases. Then follows N lines each up to 1000 characters, including "<" ,">" and "."


You must print the amount of diamonds that can be extrated in each test case.

Input Sample Output Sample