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Summer Camp

By Neilor Tonin, URI Brazil

Timelimit: 2

On July vacations, several schools in the same region decided to organize a summer camp for their students. Usually in these camps, students are divided into collective chalets  by gender and age, always with a supervisor or supervisor who, in addition to sleep ing in the cottage with the group, are also responsible for creating and executing several interesting and exciting activities for all ages. Among the many activities we can do mention of  games, excursions, Gymkhana Musical, Night competitions, etc.. On the first day of camp due to heavy rain, recreational activities were limited and the children were taken to the gymnasium. We conducted a contest and one of the activities consisted of the same group children in a circle (arranged in a counterclockwise direction) which would be removed one by one until only one child was left, which would be the winner.

At the moment the child enters the circle it receives a small token containing a number between 1 and 500. Once the circle is formed, it is counted up to the number corresponding to the token the first child holds, beginning from the child besides him or her. The child where the counting ends, should be removed from the group. The count starts again according to the number in the token the child who has just been eliminated. In order to make the game more interesting, when the number in the token is even, the counting is done clockwise, otherwise the counting is done in a counterclockwise direction.

The play was very successful and the administrator of the camp asked you to develop a program for the next event, to allow him to knows in advance which child will be the winner of each group, based on the information provided.


The input contains many test cases. The first line of each input contains a single integer N (1 ≤ N ≤ 100), indicating the number of childrens that will participate of this game. follow N lines with two informations, the Name of the child and the Value of his token or card (1 ≤ Value ≤ 500) separated by a blank space, in order of appearance in the formation of the initial circle.

Note: the child Name must be less than 30 characteres, with uppercase and lowercase letters and the “_” character (no spaces allowed). The end of input is determined by the number zero (0).


For each test case, one line must be printed with the message "Vencedor(a): xxxxxx" (that means Winning: xxxxxx), with one blank space after the ":" character, indicating the winner child.

Exemplo de Entrada Exemplo de Saída

Fernanda 7
Fernando 9
Gustavo 11
Maria 7
Pedro 9
Joao_Vitor 5
Isabel 12
Laura 8
Maria 4
Pedro 3
Joao 2

Vencedor(a): Fernanda
Vencedor(a): Pedro
Vencedor(a): Pedro