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Bloggo Shortcuts

By TopCoder* USA

Timelimit: 1

You are helping to develop a weblog-management system called bloggo. Although bloggo pushes all content to the front end of a website in HTML, not all content authors enjoy using HTML tags in their text. To make their lives easier, bloggo offers a simple syntax called shortcuts to achieve some HTML textual effects. Your job is to take a document written with shortcuts and translate it into proper HTML.

One shortcut is used to make italicized text. HTML does this with the <i> and </i> tags, but in bloggo, an author can simply enclose a piece of text using two instances of the underscore character, '_'. Thus, where a content author writes

  You _should_ see the baby elephant at the zoo!

bloggo will publish the following instead.

  You <i>should</i> see the baby elephant at the zoo!

Another shortcut serves to render text in boldface, which HTML accomplishes with <b> and </b> tags. Bloggo lets content authors do the same with paired instances of the asterisk character, '*'. When a content author writes the text

  Move it from *Receiving* to *Accounts Payable*.

it will end up on the website as

  Move it from <b>Receiving</b> to <b>Accounts Payable</b>.


The input contains several test cases. Each test case is composed by one line that contais a string text, containing zero or more usages of the italic and boldface shortcuts. Each text is between 1 and 50 characters long, inclusive. The only characters allowed in text are the alphabetic characters 'a' to 'z' and 'A' to 'Z', the underscore '_', the asterisk '*', the space character, and the punctuation symbols ',', ';', '.', '!', '?', '-', '(', and ')'. The underscore '_' occurs in text an even number of times. The asterisk '*' occurs in text an even number of times. No substring of text enclosed by a balanced pair of underscores or by a balanced pair of asterisks may contain any further underscores or asterisks.

The end of input is determined by EOF.


Translate each input text into HTML as demonstrated by the examples above (and below). To render a span of text in italics in HTML, you must start with the <i> tag and end with the </i> tag. For boldface text, start with <b> and end with </b>. Print one translated text per line at standard output.

Sample Input Sample Output

You _should_ see the new walrus at the zoo!
Move it from *Accounts Payable* to *Receiving*.
I saw _Chelydra serpentina_ in *Centennial Park*.
_ _ __ _ yabba dabba _ * dooooo * ****

You <i>should</i> see the new walrus at the zoo!
Move it from <b>Accounts Payable</b> to <b>Receiving</b>.
I saw <i>Chelydra serpentina</i> in <b>Centennial Park</b>.
<i> </i> <i></i> <i> yabba dabba </i> <b> dooooo </b> <b></b><b></b>