beecrowd | 1263


By TopCoder* USA

Timelimit: 1

An alliteration consists of two or more consecutive words which start with the same letter (ignoring case). You are given a sequence of words. Find out the number of alliterations in this sequence, considering only alliterations which cannot be extended.


The input contains several test cases. Each input line will be a test case, containing at least one and no longer than 100 words, separated by a single space character. All words are strings of 1 to 50 lowercase or uppercase letters ('A'-'Z','a'-'z'). The input stream ends in EOF.


For each test case print the number of alliterations found among the given words. For further reference see the examples below.

Sample Input Sample Output

He has four fanatic fantastic fans
There may be no alliteration in a sequence
Round the rugged rock the ragged rascal ran
area artic Soul Silly subway ant artic none