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Hidden Message

By TopCoder* USA

Timelimit: 1

Some texts contain hidden messages. In the context of this problem, the hidden message of a text is composed of the first letter from each word in the text, in the order they appear.

Given a text consisting of only lowercase letters and spaces, return the hidden message. A word is a maximal sequence of consecutive letters. There may be multiple spaces between words. The text may start in spaces, end in spaces or even contain spaces only.


The input contains many test cases. The first line contains an integer N that indicates the number of test cases. Each test case consists of a single line containing from 1 to 50 characters, that can be lowercase letters (‘a’-‘z’) or spaces (‘ ’). Watch out for leading and trailing spaces!

Note: In the sample imput, spaces were replaced by small dots (‘·’) to provide a better understanding of the samples.


For each test case print the text that is hidden in the input.

Sample Input Sample Output