beecrowd | 1292

Trouble with a Pentagon

By Shahriar Manzoor Bangladesh

Timelimit: 2

You are asked to place the largest possible square inside a regular pentagon (whose internal angles are same and all the sides are same in length). You are given the information that one vertex of the square will be coincident with a vertex of the square as shown in the figure below. You will have to find the length of a side of the square when a side of the regular pentagon is given.

​Fig: Square in a pentagon.


The input file contains several lines of input. Each line contains a floating point number F (0 ≤ F ≤ 100000) which indicates the length of a side of the pentagon. Input is terminated by end of file.


For each line of input produce one line of output containing a floating point number with ten digits after the decimal point. This number indicates the largest possible side of a square that fits in the pentagon.

Sample Input Sample Output