beecrowd | 1355


By Rujia Liu & Xin Qi China

Timelimit: 3

Your task is to compress a string of no more than 200 characters, using the following scheme:

- Adjacent repeats: [S]k which means: S repeated k times (where k is a one-byte integer, recall that the length of the string does not exceed 200)

- Repeats with gaps: [S]k{S_1}t_1{S_2}t_2...{S_r}t_r, where 1 ≤ t_i < k, t_i < t_{i+1} which means: write S for k times, then insert string S_i after the t_i-th occurrence of S.

Note that the compressing is done recursively, so S, S_1, ..., S_r mentioned above can all be compressed further.

e.g. for the original string


The optimal compressed string is:



There are at most 20 test cases, each test case is a string containing no more than 200 printable characters, without whitespace characters (i.e., no spaces, no tabs), brackets (i.e. not in {'(',')','[',']','{','}'}) and digits. Letters are case-sensitive.


For each case, print the length of the minimal string, and a compressed string. Note that every one-byte integer should be counted as one character, even if it has two or three digits in its decimal form.

Sample Input Sample Output


19 I_am_[What]4{_is_}2
11 [[a]8{b}4]3
4 [?]10