beecrowd | 2025


By Neilor Tonin, URI BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

Lapland, Finland, is the northernmost region of the European Union and its most famous inhabitant is, of course, Santa Claus or Joulupukki (his name in Finnish). Nowadays Joulupukki receives, besides the traditional letters, a lot of emails from children around the world.

The problem is that Noel has in his computer a virus called Amli.D that changed his name in all draft messages. The good thing is that this virus just mess his name (Joulupukki) changing sometimes the first character, sometimes the last one and often both. So, instead of "Joulupukki", the name may appear as "Joulupukka", "SoulupukkA" or "Toulupukki", among other ways.

So you have to build a software to correct all the wrong apparitions of "Joulupukki" of Noel email drafts.We have the guarantee of the gnomes that there is no word with more than 10 characters that contains the substring "oulupukk", but be careful with the final point, like "Joulupukka.", for example. In this case we have to consider 11 characteres.


The imput contains thousands of lines of text. The first line of input contains an integer N (1 < N < 10000) that indicates the number of text lines of Noel drafts. Each one of the N lines can contains up to 100 characters, including uppercase, lowercase, and blank spaces.


The output generated by your software must fix the damage caused by virus Amli.D, printing each line of the input with the correct spelling of the word "Joulupukki", always with the first letter in uppercase.

Input Sample Output Sample

Foulupukki mielellaan saa kirjetta. doulupukkA.
Joulupukku saapuu sinne huomenna. Joulupukke rakastaa sinua ja siskosi.

Joulupukki mielellaan saa kirjetta. Joulupukki.
Joulupukki saapuu sinne huomenna. Joulupukki rakastaa sinua ja siskosi.