beecrowd SQL | 2617

Provider Ajax SA

Paulo R. Rodegheri BR Brasil

Timelimit: 1

The financial sector has encountered some problems in the delivery of one of our providers, the delivery of the products does not match the invoice.

Your job is to display the name of the products and the name of the provider, for the products supplied by the provider 'Ajax SA'.


Column Type
id (PK) numeric
name character varying (255)
street character varying (255)
city character varying (255)
state char (2)
Column Type
id (PK) numeric
name character varying (255)
amount numeric
price numeric
id_providers (FK) numeric


id name street city state
1 Ajax SA Presidente Castelo Branco Porto Alegre RS
2 Sansul SA Av Brasil Rio de Janeiro RJ
3 South Chairs Av Moinho Santa Maria RS
4 Elon Electro Apolo São Paulo SP
5 Mike Electro Pedro da Cunha Curitiba PR
id name amount value id_providers
1 Blue Chair 30 300.00 5
2 Red Chair 50 2150.00 1
3 Disney Wardrobe 400 829.50 4
4 Blue Toaster 20 9.90 3
5 Solar Panel 30 3000.25 4

Output Sample

name name
Red Chair Ajax SA