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Board Size

By João Gustavo Rogel de Oliveira, INATEL BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

There is a traditional industry in Brazil that produces musical equipment. Currently they are totally immersed with the era of Industry 4.0 and their main action is the creation of pedals of effects for guitar, that there are in an incredible diversity, each for a type of customer. This industry has implemented a system in which his client creates his own pedal through a 3D prototype and interactive, including with sounds, simulating the actual pedal. Therefore, after the client generates his model, the same one is sent to the company, where it will be manufactured.

To be fabricated, the pedal circuit is printed on a PCB(printed circuit board) which has a certain size. But with the creativity of the customers, the plates are taking unimaginable dimensions, this fact makes the plate available in the company does not serve. Since you are an excellent programmer and music lover, it is up to you to create a program in which given the dimensions of the client circuit and the size of the board available, tell whether or not you can use that board.


The first line of each test case consists of three integers X, Y, M (M≤105) representing respectively the company board dimensions and the number of requests. For each of the next M lines will be provided two integers Xi and Yi representing the client's PCB dimensions.

Dimensions are guaranteed to be integer values greater than 0 and less or equal than 64.

The input ends with EOF.


For each circuit determine whether it is possible to use the company's PCB or not.

Input Sample Output Sample

10 10 3

5 5

10 10

5 25

2 3 1

3 2