beecrowd | 2791


By André da Cruz BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

It is said in the surroundings of Montes Claros that, long ago in the municipal market, Sebastião and his companions of work always play a game of divination after the delivery of agricultural products harvested in the week that happened. The game, "Guess Where the Bean is", consists in hiding a grain of beans in one of four opaque glasses, and after shuffling them, the bettor must guess in which glass the vegetable is.

This year, due to the great cultural and historical success and the enormous amount of people who practice this game in the municipal market, the city council decided to hold a "Guess Where the Bean is '' championship. However, she needs a program to show viewers where the beans were after the end of a game. Knowing that the next Programming Marathon will take place in the city, she soon commissioned a solution from the excellent programmers. In this way, you should assist the organization in this mission with a program that will inform, at the end of a match, where the beans were.


The entry will contain only one line with four integers, C1, C2, C3 and C4 separated by a space. The value Ci = 1 indicates that the beans were in cup number i, and Ci = 0 indicates that the ith cup was empty at the end of the game. There will always be exactly one glass with the beans.


Write in the output a line containing an integer between 1 and 4, corresponding to the position where the beans were.

Input Samples Output Samples

0 0 0 1


0 1 0 0


0 0 1 0