beecrowd | 2920

Small Number

By Anderson Franz, UNOCHAPECÓ BR Brazil

Timelimit: 1

Carlos usually solves problems with large numbers, he is very good at math, but recently he came across a very difficult problem. He gained an N number from his mother and a K number from his father and his task is to make that number as small as possible, following the restrictions imposed by them. Remove K digits of the number N in order to make it as small as possible, not changing the order of the digits of the starting number N.


The input contains several test cases and ends with EOF, each line has an integer K and N, N <= 10100, K < 100, K, N > 0.


The output is composed of a number representing the smallest number that can be formed, as described above.If you have leading zeros they should also be printed .

Input Sample Output Sample

23464656733331 4

7856756756 6 

123456 4

0002504 3