URI Online Judge SQL | 3001

Update sem Where

Gustavo Moraes BR Brasil

Timelimit: 1

Your friend Zé Maria is in an ambush because he made an update without a where and end up zeroing all values from the price column. For your luck, the price can be recalculated knowing the product type.

Your job is to show the name and price of all products. You must show the products in groups by the following order: first, all products form type A, second type B, and lastly the type C. Furthermore, the products in each group (A, B, C) must be printed in descending order by ID.


Column Type
id numeric
name varchar (50)
type char
price numeric


id name type price
1 Monitor B 0
2 Headset A 0
3 PC Case A 0
4 Computer Desk C 0
5 Gaming Chair C 0
6 Mouse A 0

Output Sample

type price
Mouse 20.0
PC Case 20.0
Headset 20.0
Monitor 70.0
Gaming Chair 530.5
Computer Desk 530.5